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Instead of Using End - by: starkweatherr
I see some samples using the End statement under cmdExit. That isn't such a good idea. Ending the application doesn't release resources that are in use and can cause what is effectively a memory leak. This works for VB6. Not sure about other versions.
      Total Views: 11,696  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 0
Grade Calculator - by: bs0d
An example program that involves the use of conditions, loops, and more.
      Total Views: 27,340  / User Rating: 4  / Comments: 2
Text Editor - by: bs0d
A sample text editor that can search, cut copy and paste. Learn to code these items.
      Total Views: 13,111  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 0
Record Reports - by: bs0d
Get information from another file (.dat) to be displayed in your program.
      Total Views: 10,093  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 0
Lookup Form - by: bs0d
Simple program to learn more about the select case structure.
      Total Views: 330,941  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 0
States and Capitals - by: bs0d
Program where you can validate the correct capital to a state.
      Total Views: 11,040  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 0
Export a graph from a Visual Basic to Powerpoint. - by: Naveen Raju
This piece of code exports a graph (pie or line or other graphs) to power point and saves as presentation.
      Total Views: 10,141  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 0
Hanks Pizza - by: bs0d
Program that will generate prices for dinner at Hanks Pizza!!
      Total Views: 12,569  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 0
Flag Viewer - by: bs0d
Will display flags by option buttons and make headings visible.
      Total Views: 27,457  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 1
Combo Box Colors - by: bs0d
Will simply change the color of a shape via combo box.
      Total Views: 15,618  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 0
Cut and Paste - by: bs0d
Teach you how to use cut, copy and paste in visual basic.
      Total Views: 20,527  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 0
Math Problems - by: bs0d
Program will generate a random math problem, you attempt to solve it.
      Total Views: 13,982  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 0
Adder - by: bs0d
Simple program that will add two numbers.
      Total Views: 11,070  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 0
RGB Color Fader - by: bs0d
This program will fade through colors within a shape in VB.
      Total Views: 15,666  / User Rating: 5  / Comments: 0

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