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  Subject: "comment script" Posted: @ 12:36 am on Jan 28 2008   
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hi there like the tutorial but a have some question for you all.

i made it connect but i get this?when i try to post a message.

No comments for this page. Feel free to be the first

Notice: Undefined index: id in h:\lfnc\easyphp 1-8\www\comment \comment.php on line 53

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at h:\lfnc\easyphp 1-8\www\comment \comment.php:1) in h:\lfnc\easyphp 1-8\www\comment \comment.php on line 59

and i have a login script already set up i want that i can send a message to a user in there a way?cause i seen in the description that you can add mods to it.

and is there a place i can download the hole script?

thx man love it!!

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  Subject: "re: comment script" Posted: @ 1:26 am on Jan 28 2008    

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As the very first line of the script, try using:

<? obstart();

This will prevent the "cannot modify headers" error, and possibly the others as well. Let me know, thanks.

-bs0d |

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