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  Subject: "PHP Files Not Found" Posted: @ 12:30 am on Apr 29 2013   

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From: kmmk

Hello bs0d,

I don't know if you remember me but I was just brain storming and realized that this site has helped me jump start my PHP development. So I tried to remember the name Of this community and I could remember it like it was planted in my brain. After so many years of not being here, I could still rememer my password ehh. I can still see my name on top 5 most active users, which means I wasn't the only one who was inactive. But, you sir, contributed a lot to this site and probably helped out hundreds of people. So thank you.

Well, created this post just to point out http://www.alls /Entertainment/ 15/The-Value-of -Your-Website/i ndex.php has errors. vote.php not being found.

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  Subject: "re: PHP Files Not Found" Posted: @ 2:07 am on May 01 2013    

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Wow, good to hear back from someone who found value in what I had put together so long ago. I always have the best intentions to add features to the site to get it back up to speed. But as you noticed, not much has happened here in quite a while. Your post motivates me to try to find time to get a few of the ideas in place for this website as well as another.

Glad to see you back. If you'd like to share any tips or code samples, perhaps you can pay it forward and someone much like yourself a few years ago may find your contributions just as helpful!

PS - Thanks for pointing out the broken link issue, I'll check that out. The reason that and possibly other busts exist is because I had to consolidate a few hosting accounts which changed relative paths. I thought I got them all. It also seems an article or two just cut-off, so yet another thing to look into! Thanks again

-bs0d |

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