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        Viewing Topic: How to Request.QuerySt ring in PHP?
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  Subject: "How to Request.QuerySt ring in PHP?" Posted: @ 3:25 pm on Jan 22 2007   
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I tried to create a short PHP script work as when the user click on the link, the content of the selected link will show on the page. BUT it doesn't work. Below is my code. Would anyone help me to make it work please (I don't know anything in PHP but just try to poke around):

<p><a href="inde x.php?id=1" ;>Link1</ a> | <a href="inde x.php?id=2" ;>Link 2</a>< /p>
<p>&n bsp;</p>< br /> <?
$id = $_GET['id'];
if (id == 1){
This is Link 1
<? } ?>

if (id == 2){
This is Link 222222222222222 2
<? } ?>

</body> </html>
// -----------end< br />
Many thanks!

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  Subject: "re: How to Request.QuerySt ring in ..." Posted: @ 5:09 pm on Jan 22 2007    

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From: chair

when accessing a variable, you need the $ in front of it. so for both of your if statements, change id to $id. without the $ php treats id as the string 'id', which is never going to equal 1 or 2.

please note that the above post is likely made up in its entirety.

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