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        Viewing Topic: md5 reversal?
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  Subject: "md5 reversal?" Posted: @ 5:02 pm on Jul 29 2007   
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Just wanna ask.. is there a way to get the original text of a string which has been encrypted with md5? I'm actually referring to mySQL-PHP combo where my password field will be encrypted using md5. This is for my preparation of forget password feature of my site. So once a user forgets his password, I could send to him his password, which should be the readable form not the md5 form..


vic2x-programm m

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  Subject: "re: md5 reversal?" Posted: @ 2:35 pm on Jul 31 2007    

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From: chair

md5 is a one-way function, so the only way to undo it as far as i know is to keep running md5() on guesses until you get the result you have stored. not really something you want to make your website do, so you might want to consider resetting the password to a random string and e-mailing that.

please note that the above post is likely made up in its entirety.

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