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  Subject: "stopping a session" Posted: @ 3:25 pm on Aug 23 2005   

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From: chair

my site sometimes gives the following error when i was logged in and then try to refresh a page after long enough that my code says it should not continue the session:
< i>session_ destroy(): Session object destruction failed

this of course is followed by a few 'can't send header' errors (or maybe warnings).

i'm calling session_unset() immediately before session_destroy () and i guess i don't understand exactly what these two functions do, or why it sometimes gives me a warning and sometimes doesn't.

please note that the above post is likely made up in its entirety.
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  Subject: "re: stopping a session" Posted: @ 5:17 pm on Aug 23 2005    

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From: USA

I think I read somewhere that it could be a php setting you can turn on or off... maybe shoot an email to your hosting to make sure?

-bs0d |

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  Subject: "re: stopping a session" Posted: @ 8:07 am on Aug 25 2005    

Post Deleted.

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