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  Subject: "cannot connect" Posted: @ 5:22 am on Nov 16 2009   
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I have a few websites which I have tried using your comments table in php files database_connec t.php.
Everything entered is correct and I can connect to mysql for 3 of my websites, the other 3 websites I cannot connect when I was using the database_connec t.php, the message that come out says cannot connect .All configuration on user name, database, server and table is correct but I still get problems connecting to http://www.sung, http://www.stoc and http://www.year on the database_connec t.php whereas websites that work are http://www.inbe, http://www.alli, http://www.popu All are hosted on

Please advise as I cannot find the solution to why it cannot connect for some whereas I can connect other.

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