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  Subject: "MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM FOR "bs0d&..." Posted: @ 4:13 am on Nov 22 2009   
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From: With YOUR Mom!

Hey bs0d, since I couldn't Privately Message you, I believe I have to message you my question from here.

I created a website not too long ago for my friend and I to get out our programs, tutorials and other stuff to the public, and to offer our services in web design and graphic design for little fee. We are two Sophomores in High School, and I wanted to add a membership system to our site for our viewers.

I saw your code, and I could kinda understand it, but I tried to make it work and it failed. The only thing I know that worked was that I got the database up. So I was wondering if I could have you help me in submitting this system onto my site. I was thinking that I could create you and account, and have you help by placing the files onto it, so that once you do, it will be up and running to where I have to post the page header on all the pages then the membership system is ready to start registrations.

I was also thinking that if you could/would help me with this we could try to work it out through a chat room, so we can have 1 on 1 talk about it, so I could try to understand it better. I believe I even saw a preview of the code put to work on "here" ; as I registered. I really liked it even if it isn't the actual code. Hopefully you will agree to help me out. I can't pay for your services if you choose to help, but I will surely be very greatful!!

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  Subject: "re: MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM FOR "bs..." Posted: @ 9:27 pm on Nov 22 2009    

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Probably concerned why you couldn't send a PM... I haven't had any problems and have not had any bugs reported. Feel free to start a thread in the bugs forum and explain your issue on that.

As to the members system, I sent you an email. It may be better for you to post questions here where others can provide insight.

-bs0d |

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