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  Subject: "Complete Comment System not complet..." Posted: @ 9:28 am on Dec 04 2005   
Hi there!

First off, I want to say thanks for the great script. I like it a lot, it's working, but it's a little too basic as it is now.

My wish-list:
- Admin page
- Admin notify if new comment is added (via e-mail)
- Optional PRE-moderation. So: notify first, and display on the site after admin approval (I run a kids-website, I want to keep it kid-safe, if you know what I mean
- Allow to display number of comments ONLY, and let the user decide if he wants to see them or add a new one.

I've been searching the web for days now for a simple commentscript that would just sit in your template-page, like your script does. All the others are arty-farty-far- too-fancy script with complete CMS's and memberregistrat ions... I hate that! I want a comment script that allows people to comment on our products. That's all. Your script is more than halfway of what I'm looking for. I'm no MySQL wizzkid, I know my PHP pretty well though, so it would be great if this script would be extended to become the most flexible, no-bells-and-wh istles commentscript around. :-)

Thanks for all your work so far!

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