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  Subject: "Login problem, please help!!" Posted: @ 8:47 pm on Feb 06 2006   
I'm really struggling to get the login.php page to work.
Register is fine - I can see the registered user in my mysql database.
However, when I try and register that user I don't get my members.php page as I'd expect.

The start of my code in login.php looks like this:
require_once($_ SERVER['DOCUMEN T_ROOT'].'/db_c onnect.php');

if(isset($_SESS ION['username'] ) && isset($_SESSION ['password'])) {

header("Lo cation:http://w /index.php?exec =members";


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  Subject: "re: Login problem, please help!!" Posted: @ 1:46 am on Feb 07 2006    

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do you have any errors?

-bs0d |

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