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        Viewing Topic: TextBox/Command Button Transparency
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  Subject: "TextBox/Command Button Transparency" Posted: @ 7:01 pm on Nov 25 2005   
I made a program in Visual Basic. I set a background, but the whole appearance of the program looks terrible having the text boxes and command buttons over it. I want to make it so the text boxes and the command buttons are transparent, and all you can see is the black outline of the boxes. If there is a code can I please have it and where to insert it at. Or if there is a way to do it with a code that would be alright as well.


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  Subject: "re: textbox / CommandButton Transpa..." Posted: @ 4:35 pm on Dec 01 2005    

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You should be able to adjust that in the properties for the command buttons and text boxes. I'll double check VB, and get back with you if you cant find it.

Edited at 04:38:05 pm on 12/01/05

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