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        Viewing Topic: Small Calculator !!
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  Subject: "Small Calculator !!" Posted: @ 11:17 am on Jan 08 2008   
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Could you please help me with the piece of code that makes this equation :

2 inputs

First is a number , second is a number also more over this second input is a percent to be calculated from the firt input and in the result should be the first input plus the percent calculated !!


100 | 10
result = 110

Thanks in advance

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  Subject: "re: Small Calculator !!" Posted: @ 10:24 pm on Jan 08 2008    

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I believe your formula would look like this:

$ans = (($num2 / 100) * $num1) + $num1;

You can open Excel and give it a shot to see if that's what you mean. If you were to have the formula in Excel in cell A3 referencing to A1 and num1 and A2 as num2, the formula would look like this:

=((A2/100) * A1) + A1

-bs0d |

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