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        Viewing Topic: 3 CSS Issues, including a float problem in IE6
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  Subject: "3 CSS Issues, including a float pro..." Posted: @ 7:52 pm on Jul 04 2007   
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I have been working my way through the awesome 'Beginning CSS Web Development' by Simon Collison (highly recommended). I have also been studying and using other recourses online too. I am now toying with CSS and have created the following test page:

http://www.cons .uk/test_lorum_ ipsum.html

The External Style Sheet can be found here:

http://www.cons .uk/css/default .css

I am pretty happy with it in Firefox 2. However there are three problems that no one has so far been able to help me with? Could you be the CSS genius that solves the problem? I hope so!

1) In IE6 the two floating elements don't appear where they should - they jump around the page and sometimes the content of them doesn't appear at all! Is there a simple code fix for this?

2) In Firefox 2 the links in the footer don't seem to be accessible (on my two PCs anyway), the pointer icon simply doesn't change to allow you to click!

3) In IE7 the titles/anchors that you jump to from the top of the page don't highlight. They do in Firefox! Is is possible for IE7 to highlight?

I have been playing with this page for ages, there is probably plenty of redundant / clumsy code in the CSS sheet. Apologies for that - will neaten up when understand a bit more! I will also speed up the page loading.

Thanks for any code suggestions / advice / assistance anyone can give.

Good luck.

Kind regards


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  Subject: "re: 3 CSS Issues, including a float..." Posted: @ 2:04 pm on Jul 05 2007    

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From: chair

1- i don't have ie6, so can't really check this one. i seem to remember that ie6 doubled margins on floats though, so maybe it's something to do with that?

2- all the links except 'terms and conditions' (which appears on a lower line) work for me, but that one doesn't show the :hover effect nor does it do anything if you click on it. i also noticed that in both firefox and ie7, i can't select the copyright text. this probably means you have some other element covering this stuff up. view style information from firefox' web developer toolbar tells me it's div#liquid-roun d1 > div.bottom > span.

3- if you mean the :hover background color change, that's working for me.

please note that the above post is likely made up in its entirety.

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