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Introduction to Flash MX Design

by: bs0d
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This is the part you've been waiting for, eh? Yea, me too. We're going to create a simple animation so that you can become more familiar with flash. Ok, on the tool bar, if you hold your mouse over the buttons, it will tell you what it is. Also, press; "A", then "S" and then try "F". Did you see what it did? It also has keyboard shortcuts for you to use if you're too lazy for a mouse. --back to work.

Select the 'TEXT-TOOL (T)' -this will allow you to put text in your document. Once selected, draw a box on the canvas ( that white box you see in front of you ). Now you can begin typing text you want to appear in your movie. Im going to type, "bs0d". ===Whats that? I cant see my text? Probably because if you notice, you're not viewing your document at 100% adjust that by clicking on the box and selecting the percentage to view.

Now, you can hilight that text and adjust the properties. The properties are located at the bottom (along with actions). Fiddle around with those... obviously you could figure out how things work. To the left, where it says " < INSTANCE NAME >" thats for using ACTION SCRIPT.

Anyways, you have text now in layer 1 on the canvas. This is important. FOR EACH DIFFERENT BLOCK OF TEXT, OR GRAPHIC (or whatever), I RECOMMEND YOU PUT IT ON A DIFFERENT LAYER! Why? because then it'll jack things up when you try to do some tweening. You can change the layer name by simply double-clicking on the layer name located at the top- which is along with the frames.

From there, type in whatever you want. Also, once you get so many layers; you can create a folder and put all layers associated with eachother in the folder. To create a folder, simply click on the button that shows a folder with a plus sign on it. To add a layer, simply click on what looks like a post-it note, that has a plus sign on it. And to delete either, select it (by clicking it) and click on the trash can icon which is next to the others.

Ok, im going to continue guiding you though a simple animation in flash. On the toolbar click on the black aarow button. This button is used for you to select items on the canvas. Now, click on your text box with text inside.

-REMEMBER- you can adjust the colors in the color mixer and such. I recommend that you just fool around with flash a bit and get familiar with its tools and how to use them.

Anyways, your txt box is selected. Right click on it. Scroll down to break apart. This make it as if you had created each individual letter. Right click again, and scroll down to break apart, again. This breaks the text apart where it can be modified letter by letter. Click on a letter and drag it around and such to see what I mean (press CONTROL+Z to undo any changes you made.) Now I want you to click on frame 10 and press F5 (this inserts frames to frame 10 where now your document is 10 frames long.

TIP: When you're working with animation, Its always made me mad when I tried to select something, but it was real close to something else and it'd select the other shit instead of what I needed. So let me save you some time by telling you how to lock layers. You can lock a layer by simply clicking once on the layer, and click on the lock icon just in front of it. This makes it non-selectable. And; if you dont want to see it, click on the eye icon and it will disappear / reappear. This always helps with the designing process.

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