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Introduction to Flash MX Design

by: bs0d
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Right click on frame 10 and select, insert keyframe. A keyframe is basically a base or starting point of action, the original or whatever. Now, I want you to draw a box anywere on the canvas with the RECTANGLE TOOL (R). Ok, once you've done that and made it look however you want, click on any frame in between 1 AND 10. Now, in the properties box at the bottom you'll see tween. Cick on tween and select shape. This will create a shape tween from your text at the beginning, to the box you drew at frame 10. Wanna see the action? just hit < enter > or, go to CONTROL --> TEST MOVIE.


You can have shape hints to determine how your objects will 'morph' from one to another. To add a shape hint, go to MODIFY --> SHAPE --> ADD SHAPE HINT. ( make sure nothing on your canvas is selected by the way) The first one will say "A", your 2nd will be "B"...ect. Mess around with it. Click on the first frame and move "A" on your object to mark it. Click on the last frame and you'll see another "A". This is where the "A" will end up. Move it to where you want... then play your animation and see how it 'morphs' differently. Add as many shape hints as you wish.

TIP: You will not be able to learn flash by reading this tutorial. You will learn the most just by fooling around with things and seeing how it works because its visual. This tutorial will help you get the hang of where to begin your journey ;)


Ok, close that and open a new Blank Document. Create text in the first layer, saying whatever. Now, click on frame 10 and RIGHT CLICK --> INSERT KEYFRAME. Now, move the text to a different area on the canvas. Go down to the properties and select "Motion" in the "Tween" area. now hit < enter > to see. Did it move? if yes, you done it right. This is an example of a motion tween.

TIP: If you're making a bit larger project, it might be smart to have your objects in your library- saving them as a symbol. which can be a, Movie Clip - Graphic or a Button. A graphic would be an image, A button would be a button, and a movie clip would be an animation.


Ugh, getting motion guides to work by just trial and error learning for me kinda sucked. But im gonna tell you how to get-r-done. Motion guides are guides you draw with say the pencil for an object to follow through frames of animation (THE GUIDE WILL NOT SHOW IN YOUR FINAL .SWF FILE .swf file is your flash file, .fla is the file you edit.

Start with a blank document. Create a ball with the OVAL TOOL (O). Convert it to a symbol. Do this by RIGHT CLICK --> CONVERT TO SYMBOL. (graphic). You can name with whatever you want. Now, you can click on INSERT --> MOTION GUIDE. This inserts a new layer for motion for your graphic.

Select frame 10 in layer 1 and insert a keybrame. Select the guide layer frame 1. click the PENCIL TOOL (Y) and draw a guide for the ball to follow. Now, go back to layer 1, and click on the ball. Drag it to the beginning of the guide for which you wish it to follow (it should 'snap' to the line). Once its in position, move to frame 10 (the final frame) in layer 1 and drag the ball to the opposite end of the guide. Once you've done that - click anywhere between frames 1 and 10 and locate the properties and apply a motion tween. -Hit < enter > and you'll see your ball follow the guide you drew if done properly. If it dont, make sure their is a keyframe at frame 1 and 10 in Layer 1 (ball) and the line is drawn in the motion guide layer.

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