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Introduction to Flash MX Design

by: bs0d
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I used the example of 'goto' frame 5. You can also jump scenes. Just like a movie... say, 1 room = a scene. If people would walk to another room, it'd be another scene. All new sorroundings. So, rather than cram all the junk into one scene and jump farther into frames... you can jump scenes. if you want to insert a new SECENE, do this: MODIFY --> SCENE. That will bring up a box. Click the "+" sign in the box to add new scene.

This example syntax in action script for going to another scene:

Exactly like selecting goto and frame 5. Except change the options. Change current scene to next scene or the name of the other scene you created. It clearly indicates- Go to and Play from Scene 2, frame 1. Its doing what it says. This will help with cluttering of your design process.


You can import pretty much anything. You can import a small video clip, a picture and even a sound. Im going to give an example for playing a sound when a button is clicked. You can have sounds do anything really, but i'll show you how to do this.

If you have a sound you want, go to FILE --> IMPORT. Locate it, and hit < enter > . It will import it to the library. Now, find the button you wish the add the sound to. RIGHT CLICK --> EDIT it. Next, you will need a new layer for the sound to play on. So go to INSERT -->LAYER. Name it "sound" or something just so you know. Or name it "CHEESEBURGER" to confuse yourself ;) Create a keyframe on the HIT frame if you want it to play when you HIT the button. Now, select the sound layer, and in the properties it shows a sound option to the left. Click on it and select the sound you imported. Next you can adjust the loop and sync, ect. as well. Now when you click your button, it will play the sound you imported to that!

TIP: I've done this for some of my websites, you can create an image in like FireWorks or PhotoShop and import it into flash if its more complex that it couldnt be made in Flash.


Frame by frame; That'd be the animation that takes the most work. First, draw yourself a character or something simple -(you always start with something simple.) Assume you drew a smilie face. This is all in layer 1, frame 1. RIGHT CLICK FRAME 2 --> INSERT KEYFRAME. This copies your smilie to frame 2. Now, depending on what you want it to do... modify it slightly and repeat the process.(insert keyframe in frame 3)...modify object, and keep doing so until it does what you want it to do.

TIP: If you want to see the different symbols you have in your project, you can view the library by clicking on WINDOW --> LIBRARY. Also, If you liked the default layout of Flash and you jacked it up somehow you can get it back by going to WINDOW --> PANELS --> DEFAULT LAYOUT.

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