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Introduction to Flash MX Design

by: bs0d
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Onion Skinning seemed useless to me when I first got to know flash. I was like, "WTF is this?" but i'll save you the trouble. Onion Skinning shows you previous frames to help you modify your symbol to do whatever you're trying to get it to do.

TIP: Remember, there are more that 3 tools on the tool bar. There is a 'FREE TRANSFORM TOOL (Q)' that can help you with modifying your symbols and such. You can do alot of cool stuff. Make text small, and get big. Fade-In / Out. (Done with ALPHA)- Set your first symbol/keyframe to 0% alpha in the PROPERTIES --> COLOR. then say 10 frames later create another keyframe, change the alpha to 80%, 10 later, -->KEYFRAME, alpha back to 0%. Create motion tween's between the 3 keyframes and play it. There is no limit.


Ok, you've fooled around a bit with flash. You've learned some stuff on your own and followed some info in this tutorial. Now you want to see your work, right? Ok, first off - Save your work. ( FILE --> SAVE ) Now you can publish you work. Locate the "Publish Settings" from, FILE --> PUBLISH SETTINGS. First off you notice, formats. Look at them. Select the checkbox of those you wish to have. If you want your flash in an HTML document, check that - so on, so forth.

Next to formats you will see Flash. From that point, you can choose which version of Flash your animation will be published (i'd recommend the most recent).

Also you can protect it from other ppl. importing it with a password, generate a size report and more. And finally next to Flash is HTML. This allows you to specify how you want your Flash exported in HTML if you selected it to be.

Once you've selected how you want it published and made any other changes, press the publish button located under "OK." It will publish your work to the directory you're working from. Hit ok, and its PUBLISHED!


I dont know if any of that has done any good for you, but i tried to explain it the best i could. What else is there to learn? Tons of stuff! Im sure you've seen flash on other sites doing cool things- which is what has caught your interest in flash in the first place. But alot if it is design, and a majority if it is controlled by actionscript. So I recomend you learn that if you're seeking on getting deeper into Flash stuff.

Take it easy- get sleep while you can.


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