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Getting Started with Excel

by: bs0d
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3 Types of 'cell ranges' to be come aquainted with. Row, Column and Rectangular range. Details below.

  • ROW RANGE - Group of adjacent cells that forms part of a row in a spreadsheet. (ex: A1:B1)
  • COLUMN RANGE - Group of adjacent cells that forms part of a column in a spreadsheet. (ex: B1:B8)
  • RECTANGULAR RANGE- Group of 2 or more adjacent rows and two or more adjacent columns in a spreadsheet. (ex: A1:H8)


If you're just learning Spreadsheets and Excel, this is the essential part of the tutorial where you will learn about doing calculations.

If you want to add B1 to B2 and store the answer in B3, type this formula:

If you're wanting to subtract S1 from S2 (answer in S3), type this:

Say you want to multiply O1 to O2, type:

Now dividing D1 by D2 results in D3- type:

Finally if F1 has the value 2, and F2 the value of 3, and you want to take 2 to the 3rd power, do this:

TIP: Always use cell addresses when possible to do calculations. If you use numbers, you would have to retype the formula every time you change a cell that is part of the calcuation. If you use cell addresses and change a value that is part of a formula, the answer is recalculated automatically ;)

Heres a table that will help you with more complex equations and remember 'the order of operations' take effect. Remember the saying, "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally?" (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply, Division, Add, Subtract)

Calculation to do
Code to type
Add B1 to B2 and multiply the sum by B3 =(B1+B2) * B3
Subtract sum of F1 and F2 from sum of F3 and F4: =(F1+F2) - (F3+F4)
Add A9 to the product of C1 and C2: =C1*C2 + A9
Subtract T3 from sum of Z1 and Z2: =Z1+Z2 - T3

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