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Databases and Access

by: bs0d
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Well, a form is an object that displays only a single record at a time. It allows you to focus in on the contents of a single record, rather than several records.

Forms are used to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Enter, view, and modify data
  2. Automate your tasks
  3. Provide instructions
  4. Print information

One might ask, "How can I create forms?" Well, here is their answer. You can create forms from scratch, use the Form Wizard or use AutoForm. AutoForm is a tool that allows you to create a form automatically by clicking on an icon in the toolbar (icon with lightning bolt) or by clicking on INSERT and then FORM and selecting AutoForm.


Their are five different sections of the form in Microsoft Access. Each differen section will be briefly described below.

  • Form Header
  • Page Header
  • Detail
  • Page Footer
  • Form Footer

FORM HEADER -The information displayed here will only appear at the top of the first page.
PAGE HEADER - The information displayed here will appear at the top of each page.
DETAIL - This is where all of your fields will be placed. This is the body of your form and the information placed here will appear on every page.
PAGE FOOTER - The information displayed here will appear at the bottom of each page.
FORM FOOTER - The information displayed here will only appear at the bottom of the last page.


When doing a calculation, you always begin with an equals sign (just like Excel). If you use a field from the table, you must enclose it in brackets. Each field must be enclosed in its own bracket. Numbers do not have to be enclosed in brackets. The field name must be spelled exactly how the field is specified in the structure. An example of a calculation is shown below.


  • All fields from tables must be enclosed in brackets
  • Each field must have its own set of brackets
  • All calculations must begin with an equals sign
  • Field name must be spelled exactly as it appears in the structure


SUM - calculates the sum of all of the values in the records for that particular field.

DATE - displays the current date

NOW - displays the current date and time

PAGE - displays the page numbers. The page function will automatically number all of the pages for you.

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