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Your Browser Cookies

by: bs0d
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Before you make any decisions first know that their are several ways you can actually manage your cookies. You can have the ability to not permit cookies whenever you want. But; this can be very annoying.You can also allow them forever (defualt), and you can never allow them to be stored. To begin managing your cookies, open a browser window and go to:

Tools --> Internet Options --> Security--> (2nd tab at top).
Now hilight "Internet" in the zones (earth pic).
Next, look down at the Security Level, and press the button that says, "Custom Level..."

Now scroll down that list, and just under the ActiveX Scripting b/s you will see, Cookies, "Allow coookies that are stored on your computer" : Disable, Enable or Prompt.

If you select ENABLE (default): This is the default setting... cookies are currently allowed to be stored on your computer, and accessed only by the server that placed them.

If you select DISABLE: This will no longer allow cookies to be stored on your computer, however; cookies are still on your computer from webpages before you turned them off.

If you select PROMPT: This will prompt you each time a cookie is attempted to be placed when viewing a webpage. You then have the option to do as you wish the the cookie, and the future of placing cookies with that site. ( annoying )

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