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Your Browser Cookies

by: bs0d
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What you just enabled or disabled or whatever was a persistent cookie. Its stored on your hard drive, and accessed by the website, ect. Something we have not discussed yet are "Per-Session" cookies. Per-Session are cookies that are not stored on your hard drive, and are stored in memory. They cannot permanently record any information. The Per-Session cookie will be cleared from memory when you leave the site. This "memory" is also know as cache.

Under the options you previously selected, you will see the options for allowing Per-Session cookies. You have the same options, to Enable, Disable or Prompt. Enable is default for good reason. If you didnt use Per-Session cookies, browsing would be least pleasurable. These are used in helping remember if you want to be kept logged in when you come back to a site.


There you have it, a small brief introduction to cookies: persistent and per-session, and how to manage them. Im sure I pretty much covered everything. However; im sure you can find more in-depth discussion of cookies. Try searching Google as usual ;) Happy browsing~


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