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Using Crystal Reports in VB

by: bs0d
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Click on 6: STYLE tab in the Create Report Expert dialog box. On the left will be a list of styles that you can choose your report to appear in. Click on the one you want. Enter a title for your report by typing it in where it says TITLE at the tob of the Select Fields List Box.


To preview the 'final product' simply click PREVIEW REPORT. This will take you to your preview screen showing teh actual report that you have created. There are two modes you can look at in preview report, DESIGN mode and PREVIEW mode.


The design section shows the layout of each field in the report, along with titles, headings and totals. You can change the position of a field, making it longer or shorter by clicking on it. You can also change the font and font size of that field.
The design tab contains six sections, as described below...

  1. Title -- Contains information you want to display on the first page only.
  2. Page Header -- Specifies information such as the report title, field headings, and the date.
  3. Details -- Contains the body of the report, database records and subtotals (if you include them).
  4. Grand Total -- Shows the grand totals of all numeric fields talked about in "Totals and Subtotals" above. This section will only appear if you included a grand total in your report.
  5. Page Footer -- Contains page number and any other information you want to appear at the bottom of the page.
  6. Summary -- Contains information you want to appear on the last page only.


Just like with anything else, just play around a bit with the crystal report writer. There is really nothing much complicated with it. By reading this tutorial, you should be more familiar with what each part of the crystal report writer does, and be able to work around a bit easier.

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