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Coding a Webserver

by: Common Exploit
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Running the code

Once you have a complied version of the above up and running you will want to log into your new web server. to do that we telnet to the IP of the machine the log server is running on (e.g. with netcat or similar telnet app. We get a log in screen that should look something like this:


Log Server v1.0 by Simon Barnett.
Connected to Log Server at 03/10/2002 10:14:34 AM
Your Connection ID is: 4
There are currently : 3 sessions open.

Now we log in (in the same format as a pop3 login) using the format: quote:
user username
pass password

If our login validates (in the code above the ValidPassword function should be linked to a password list) then the client sees:


Now that the connection has been authenticated any information sent to the log server by a TRON control will be relayed to the client. For example when a program references an c:test.ini file to find the value of color for the key the following debugging messages are relayed to TRON. TRON send the messages on port 1 to the Log Server and the Log Server distributes the following data to the clients on port 255:


To test the Log Server you can telnet into port 1 and poke data into the log buffer. It will be relayed to authenticated clients connected on port 255.


Maybe it's just me - but I thought that was kinda neat Till next time - look both ways and don't talk to strangers.

by: Common_Exploit

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