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Getting Started with VB 6.0

by: bs0d
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Getting Started

Visual Basic is an object-oriented programming language that uses the Microsoft Windows platform. The programs that are created using Visual Basic will look and act like standard Windows programs. Visual Basic provides one the tools to create windows with elements such as menus, text boxes, command buttons, option buttons, list boxes and scroll bars.

This tutorial does not completely cover all aspects of Visual Basic. This is just basically an overview to get a beginner to the language up to pace. Databases, Crystal Reports and others are not included to keep this tutorial under 500 pages and to keep carpal tunnel from occurring.

Although this tutorial is aimed at beginners, it was also written assuming that the reader possibly has some programming knowledge. For instance: what an IF / THEN / ELSE statement is, For / Next loop and so on. If you have taken Basic or QBasic, that

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