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PHP Code Samples

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IdealMySQL Class for PHP 5.0 - by: Idealws
IdealMySQL Database Class - Connect and Query a mysql database.
      Total Views: 22,732  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 1
view php source - by: misterhaan
shows source of php files with syntax highlighting and line numbers. be careful not to give away sensitive information (i.e. database passwords) with this!
      Total Views: 50,266  / User Rating: 5  / Comments: 1
CAPTCHA Image - by: Free2Code
This is a CAPTCHA image script that will aid in preventing bot generated spam by requiring the random code generated.
      Total Views: 24,893  / User Rating: 3  / Comments: 2
Comments Script - by: bs0d
This is the full code to the article, "Creating a Comments Script."
      Total Views: 61,420  / User Rating: 4  / Comments: 17
Pagination - by: bs0d
This is the full code from the pagination tutorial in the php section.
      Total Views: 41,046  / User Rating: 4  / Comments: 0
Users Online - by: bs0d
Script that uses mySQL to show number of users online at your site.
      Total Views: 52,170  / User Rating: 4.5  / Comments: 3
Database Connection - by: bs0d
This code sample will teach you how to select a database and connect to it.
      Total Views: 33,747  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 9

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