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IdealMySQL Class for PHP 5.0

by: Idealws


This is a MySQL class I wrote to use in my programs. It will allow you to do the following: - Connect to a mysql database - Query a mysql database to include * INSERT|DELETE|UPDATE|REPLACE|DROP * SELECT|SHOW|DESCRIBE|EXPLAIN - Catch errors and email them to the admin - Check variables to make sure they only contain particular characters All errors are in the file errors.txt for easy adding and use. The look and feel of the error output to the user is controlled by a style sheet. There is plans to add more to the class at a later date or as needed. If you have any suggestions please let me know. You can download all the file here: All of the code is listed below. The only file missing is the image file for the error output the user. This class requires php version 5.0 Class is documented.

Class File: IdealMySQL.class.php
// You can change this to show no errors as we 
// are collecting and showing them ourself. 
* IdealMySQL, MySQL class 

* This is a MySQL class for Idealws. This will 
* be used in all projects that use a MySQL database. 
* @author Ray Cuzzart II <> 
* @version 1.0 
* @package Idealws 
* @copyright 2007 Idealws - All Right's Reserved 
* @example test.php 




  Subject: "so cool" Date: Mar 08 2008 at 11:33 am    
ohhh thanks so cool really this is very nice ...
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