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Flag Viewer

by: bs0d


You will need some images for the flags and name them appropriately to the code. The program will display them if you select the designated flag.- (4 images[flags], 4 option buttons, 2 frames, 2 check boxes, 2 command buttons, 1 image base, 1 label).

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  Subject: "That will look good" Date: Mar 08 2007 at 2:18 am    
That is good but what about if someone is new in VB and does not know how to declare the buttons like:

Error 2 Name 'chkCoutryName ' is not declared. C:\D ocuments and Settings\Youss ef\My Documents\Visu al Studio 2005\Projects Flag Viewer\Flag Viewer\Form1.v b 7 12 Flag Viewer
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