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        Viewing Topic: redbox future release id's - early bird opportunity?
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  Subject: "redbox future release id's - early..." Posted: @ 4:24 am on Feb 17 2010   

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I'm a fan of redbox and noticed their urls contain unique movie ID's. Most often, the larger the movie id value, the newer the movie. So out of curiosity, I incremented the latest movie ID to see if future (unreleased) movies were available. The result- they are....sort of.

I found many popular movie titles available that will not be released for more than a month. I didn't find any that could be rented of course. It's likely that the discs aren't even stocked in the machines until the release date approaches.

Anyways, I thought I would post this because it could be an advantage to the people who must compete for reservations in a town where redbox kiosk are limited. Perhaps accessing the ID of the desired movie at 12:01 A.M of the release date you can rent it? This is long before redbox emails the release dates, and potentially before they appear on the main listing of the website.

Also note, it's possible that the movie ID's are subject to change. I don't think it's too likely, but you never know. At any rate, I'll post links to some of the more popular upcoming movies I found that you will not find by searching their website
    redbox link - "The Box" - Release Date: 2/23/10
  1. redbox link - "2012" ; - Release Date: 3/2/10
  2. redbox link - "Prescious " - Release Date: 3/2/10
  3. redbox link - "Planet 51 (blu ray)" - Release Date: 3/9/10
  4. redbox link - "Old Dogs" - Release Date: 3/9/10
  5. redbox link - "Armored&q uot; - Release Date: 3/16/10
  6. redbox link - "Brothers& quot; - Release Date: 3/23/10
  7. A final note- Notice the movie available in BluRay (Planet 51). According to the redbox bluray link , bluray titles are not available to reserve online. However, you are able to access the title the same as if you can? Perhaps this is a sign that their policy may soon change?

    Anyways, hope someone finds this useful. Feel free to comment. Thanks,

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