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  Subject: "thumbnail" Posted: @ 10:48 pm on Jul 03 2007   

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How can I make a thumbnail of an image saved on the server and just display as you would captcha.php?

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  Subject: "re: thumbnail" Posted: @ 2:13 am on Jul 04 2007    

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Can you go into more detail here?

Do you want to take an image from the server, copy it, resize and resample it then display the thumb image while keeping the original image where it was?

Use a .php script to get the image and display it resized dependant on required quality or to a custom height - something like:

<img src='http://ww image.php?file= images/ g&size=150 '

the .php script would grab the image, resize it on the fly storing it in a temp directory and destroy the thumbnail when the page is exited - this method will cause additional bandwidth usage and prolonged page load times.

Not sure exactlt what you are looking for though.

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