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  Subject: "RPG opinion - 20/9" Posted: @ 3:11 am on Sep 21 2008   
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My first post was a question about the member system. ^^
Now, I've conquered the member system (through various lengthy means) and my site is open for beta testing.

I'd love to get your opinions about it, and it's still a work in progress but I'm learning the self-made CMS ropes as I go along. ^_^

the site is: Modern Times RPG< br /> You can log in to look (so you can critique ^^) via the Guest Account:
username: Guest
password: viewsite

But yeah, I have like 6 beta testers and a load of good they're doing... =P not really. they're a bunch of friends but they don't really have the time to get on or the know-how to critique and suggest code. x.x

If you've accessed the Guest account or if you're interested, the register and login work perfectly ^_^

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