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  Subject: "Pagination Help" Posted: @ 10:05 am on Oct 22 2008   
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i have here the mysql statement:

select code, fname, mname, lname, brname from table_name where date between '$start_date' and '$end_date' and code = '$code'

how can i paginate with three posted search string?
when i try to submit the values on html forms the first result is ok.. but when i try to click the next page link the values were gone and so the query would result to zero because there is no where clause.

most have only one posted search string or none..

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  Subject: "re: Pagination Help" Posted: @ 6:27 pm on Oct 24 2008    

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From: usa

k, I think I know what your saying. When your going to page 2 it doesn't know what information to grab because all those variable are not being transferred over to the new page.

You could use url with get methods. Than use a echo '<a href="som ething.php?act= '.$_GET['anyt hing'].'&quo t;>Page 2</a>';< br />
As you can see here, the URL is transferring f=4 and t=347 over pages.

Otherwise you could do it without using <a> tags. Just use $_POST when you click a button for Next Page it would send the information through a hidden input.

Coding is simply CST... Combining $hit Together. We make different $hit to run in unison correctly.

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