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  Subject: "User Groups" Posted: @ 3:28 pm on Nov 30 2008   
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Hi so far the member system looks great, i hope i can fix that header issue but other than that great tutorial.

However how can i add user groups?

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  Subject: "re: User Groups" Posted: @ 12:12 am on Dec 01 2008    

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From: kmmk

Add a row called usergroup and place IDs in them. For example,
1 = Admins
2 = Mods
3 = Members

So when user registers add them as members to db. And you can assign session name user_group when they login. So if you want only mods to access certain page just do a check like


if ($_SESSION['us er_group'] == '2') { echo "You are a Mod!"; else echo "Get the hell outta here!";

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