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  Subject: "coupon directory script" Posted: @ 2:14 am on Dec 21 2008   
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Does anyone know how to create a simple coupon directory script. user registers, login and creates page of coupons, edit, delete, add new coupons. Can give more details if you can help. Thank you. Very simple will be used with exiting website.

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  Subject: "re: coupon directory script" Posted: @ 11:42 pm on Jan 04 2009    

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Well, the user and login scripts can be created by reading articles on this site. In regards to the coupons, the first place I would start is to create a coupons table in the database. Include fields that define all of the parameters or information necessary (unique id, coupon types, access, date/time and so on). It's hard to be more specific than that without knowing exactly what you want but you get the idea.

Then I would suppose you build a page with a form to create or edit/delete existing coupons? Execution of the form would add, edit or delete a record of the coupons table.

To access this area, you could add a link to the users profile page, or a sidebar link if they're logged in?

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