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  Subject: "[Help] Php Time" Posted: @ 12:06 am on Jan 13 2009   

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From: kmmk


I made a script that collects each hit with IP, unix time stamp, and page user visited. It all works perfect. Now, in my administrator panel, I want to view today's hit, and monthly hit. Dates are stored in the time stamp with time() function. I really don't have experience with dates so if you could help me out here or have better solution, it would be grateful.


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  Subject: "re: [Help] Php Time" Posted: @ 6:40 am on Jan 13 2009    

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From: usa

Edited at 06:51:04 am on 01/13/09

Coding is simply CST... Combining $hit Together. We make different $hit to run in unison correctly.

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