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  This user is offline  putra
  Subject: "login error.." Posted: @ 2:45 am on Jan 11 2006   
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friends, i need your help...
i have create and uploaded a web page have a login page
[it use php and mySql].
but it have an error when i try to access to other page from this login page...
for your information anybody can get into my web because when we enter the correct username but incorrect password we still can get in...
i hope u can tell me what the problem and how to solve it...

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  This user is offline  rahulbatra
  Subject: "re: login error.." Posted: @ 11:41 pm on Apr 20 2006    
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From: India

You would have to write the 'login' script code here. Without seeing the code, it is impossible to know what is wrong with the script.

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