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        Viewing Topic: Get a variable from URL address?
  This user is offline  David1159
  Subject: "Get a variable from URL address?" Posted: @ 5:54 am on Jul 22 2008   

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From: usa

I need to get a variable from the address bar of a web browser. I have looked everywhere, and borrowed my brothers java books, I can't figure this out.

I am working on a custom homepage, which runs off your local files. I have encoded the google search system already, now I am working on a quick URL input. This input will override your URL address of your web-browser, or once you type your link, click enter, it will go there. If you click TAB it will drop you to the google search input. So it is quick, none mouse use. Plus you can add all your bookmarks as links for quick use. I'll make a AllSyntax homepage if you would like would like.

Here is a image-
(the sphere in the middle spins, its flash a image I manipulated.)

Sorry, I get rants like that, to the point.

location.href gets the whole URL, I've thought about doing that than using strings to get the variable from there, but that seems to complicated and there must be a easier method. I really have no code to show, I am totally at a loss, and have been for about a week.

Also this is not for server use, it is purely local use.

Any help would be appreciated greatly.

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  Subject: "re: Get a variable from URL addres..." Posted: @ 2:06 pm on Jul 23 2008    

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From: chair

check out document.locati

please note that the above post is likely made up in its entirety.

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