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        Viewing Topic: Why do businesses need websites
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  Subject: "Why do businesses need websites" Posted: @ 8:36 am on Mar 03 2006   

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  Subject: "re: Why do businesses need websites" Posted: @ 8:37 am on Mar 03 2006    

I really want to know why do businesses need websites

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  Subject: "re: Why do businesses need websites" Posted: @ 1:25 pm on Mar 03 2006    

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This is going to be based on my opinion, but basically I think businesses need websites because they potentially have everything to gain. People from all over the world can become familiar with the business and purchase their products.

There is alot of opportunity to make money online as well. Here are some statistics on e-commerce by the U.S. Census Bureau - 3rd Quarter 2005 - What do you think?

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  Subject: "re: Why do businesses need websites" Posted: @ 9:26 pm on Mar 23 2006    
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Additionally, the very fact that other companies have turned to communication and conducting business over the internet makes it imperative that other business' must have a site to effectively compete.

A company's web site allows for immediate updates to your suppliers on hand stock levels, instant changes to designs on maufactured products, and customer service that gives instant updates on order status, delivery and new product availability, to just name a few important uses of a company web site.

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  Subject: "re: Why do businesses need websites" Posted: @ 8:17 am on Jun 10 2006    

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To drag this up from the dead.

Why do businesses need a wbsite? they dont. No business absoluteley needs to have a website in order to further their business scope / objectives.

Sure websites can help businesses to make more money and source further revenue, but only if it works, I think a lot of failed business owners will probably blame their demise on the internet. its either I never had a website so couldnt compete, or its I had a great website, but no-one came to it. which brings me to the point: Why bother having a site if no-one knows your there? How do we get people to visit our site, make a purchase and keep returning?

Honestly, theres no generic or defining answer as to weather or not a business needs a website, I personally look online for everything before going out to the shops, I very rareley buy the goods online tho. But last time i went to spar I didnt visit the spar website, I simply went across the road. I dont visit the PC world website, i dont visit their store either, so to me them having a site is a waste of time, to them its not.

It can be business dependant on the need for a website / web presence, but no business wants to spend

Just because I dont care, doesnt mean I dont understand.

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  Subject: "re: Why do businesses need websites" Posted: @ 10:04 am on Feb 18 2007    
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Im sorry..a newbie and dont see how to make a post in this forum..

My question is about the flash tut I saw on the net.
It's related to this site.
http://www.tuto torial/Floating -Flash-Over-You r-Webpage-in-Fl ash-MX/10619

I cant get it work.
Is there someone out there who is willing to help me?

Thanks a lot.

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