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New Site Design and Features!

by: bs0d on 02/09/07

Finally, I have completed the new site design and it is up! Not only has the site been re-designed, but new features are available as well.

  1. Blogs - Registered members can write their own blogs for free!
  2. Ratings - The site now has a ratings system for those members who contribute to the site. You can see the top 5 on the front page.
  3. Forum Avatars - Members can upload an avatar to associate with their username. These will also be displayed next to all content you add to the site (code, articles, blogs).
  4. Inbox - Members also have an inbox where they can send and receive IM's from other members.
  5. Vote - Members can vote and rate tutorials, code and other members blogs.
-Im sure im leaving some stuff out, but those are the key additions.

For sure bugs are going to show up, in fact I have already noticed one in the forums, but if you want to help you can post errors you find in the Site Bugs forum. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!


  Subject: "looks good!" Date: Feb 09 2007 at 3:28 pm    

wow, all the text on this form is underlined with blue! good to see the new design made it up and didn't break my bookmark to the forums or anything :)
  Subject: "Underlined?" Date: Feb 09 2007 at 4:10 pm    

All of the text is underlined with blue? It sure has taken a while to get it up, and like you mentioned - I've also tried to keep the links the same. Still a few bugs to fix though!
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