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Keyboard Background

by: Arthur
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Let us step back in history:

William Burt lodged a patent for a 'typewriter' c.1834.Actually the title 'typewriter' was not even used untill Latham Sholes' patent of c.1874.

Where previous keyboards had the letters set out in alphabetic order, this one of Sholes, had the alphabet letters jumbled around to help prevent the typing arms of the MANUAL typewriter jamming.

The next item of interest from my research was the change by Prof. Dvorak; [1932,May 21]. He studied alphabet use, moved the letter location on a number keys; again, before the advent of the modern computer.

Having used the Professor's keyboard for some months, I found it smoothed the use of a computer keyboard from the 1874 design.

Now, the "ALFY" (tm) KEYBOARD (layout) is here. "ALFY" (tm) "Guides your fingers". The "ALFY" (tm) keyboard puts ten of the eleven most used letters of the English language on one row of the keyboard and eight are under your fingertips.

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