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SD Bot Tutorial

by: Achillean
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OK, first off I'd have to agree that Trojans are the lame tools of weak minded script kiddies who have nothing better to do than cause massive destruction and chaos however some Trojans DO have their place. As we all know there are times when access to a DDoS drone net are very helpful in self defense during IRC wars and port redirects are always helpful for staying anonymous online. The sdbot has a few useful features that merit its discussion. While there are many IRC Trojan bots out there the sdbot is one of the most popular and it also one of the easiest to use. It comes as a zip file with source code that you will need to configure and compile. I prefer using lcc to compile it and then use upx to pack it, packing it makes it much smaller and this saves upload time. I'm going to attempt to show you how to quickly procure a small botnet, protect that botnet, and eventually how to remove the sdbot in case you've been infected.

Bot Setup:

Download the latest version of sdbot and unzip. Now open up the file with a .c extension and edit it. Add in all the info you want customized (i.e. server, channel, channel pass, bot pass, bot ID, version reply, etc.) and save the configured code. Now, one small tip would be using a dynamic hostname from somewhere like or as the server will save you a lot of lost bots should they be found on a server. You can simply go into the dns and switch server IPs and the bots will connect to that server. Now that you've gotten your source configured with a dynamic host and all the other info you need to compile it with lcc. Make sure you have lcc installed. Now go to a command prompt and type make-lcc and the bot should compile. Now rename the bot something inconspicuous and pack it with upx. Now you're done and ready to build your botnet.

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  Subject: "non" Date: Feb 20 2008 at 1:35 am    
how i cen download sd bot source code
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