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Getting Started with Excel

by: bs0d
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This tutorial is designed to get you started with using spreadsheets! If you're like me, your first look at Microsoft Office was just a bunch of useless programs, and word. But actually, even if you don't- both small and large business rely on programs such as Excel and Access to maintain their data. If you're interested in computers and look forward to a computer job, this is why you might decide to take the time to learn how to wrap these programs around your finger and beat out other competition for a more decent paying job.


Take a look at the list provided just to see what can be accomplished by using spreadsheets.
  • Income Taxes
  • Income Projections
  • Budgeting
  • Managing Check Book
  • Accounting
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Figure Grades

-And More...


Their are advantages of using spreadsheets. Lets take a look at them now.

  1. It saves time.
  2. It will perform calculations for you.
  3. Insures accuracy and integrity of calculations.
  4. If you change a value that is part of a formula or function, the result will be recalculated automatically.


With all that jargon being said, lets get started. I will try my best to keep you on the same page as I am. Therefore, I believe you need to be aquainted with a bit of TERMINOLOGY you will be use to hearing.

*note these definitions are not verified through or any other for that matter. So if its not EXACT, its still ok- I think you'll do fine.

SPREADSHEET- An arrangment of data into rows and columns.
WORKSHEET (aka ELECTRONIC SPREADSHEET)- A spreadsheet created with spreadsheet software on the computer.
WORKBOOK- A collection of worksheets.
ROWS- run horizonal and are numbered 1,2,3...
COLUMNS - run vertical and are lettered A,B,C...
MACRO*- Sequence of commands entered into a cell (or group of cells) in a worksheet that performs a specific task.

*A macro is a unique idea of your own (user defined function). The macro will be given a name so you can recognize it.

CELL- The intersection of a row and a colum.(hint:You see many of these)
CELL ADDRESS - The name of a cell. Which consists of a column letter followed by a row number.
CELL POINTER - The highlighted cell on the screen. It indicates the cell that you are currently in.

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