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Anonymity via Proxy

by: bs0d
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What are proxies? Technically, proxies are servers that knowingly and even un-knowingly have the capability to provide access for internet users to use them to connect to another server or website. Many different servers can be used for numerous tasks on numerous ports. For example; An SMTP server or SOCKS server would be used to send e-mails.

Not all proxies are anonymous. Some are called 'Transparent' which allow your IP to be captured. The ideal proxies are Anonymous Non-Transparent proxies.

But What does this mean for me?

What this means, is that you have the ability to use proxies, and using proxies aid to the option of surfing the internet anonymously.

How are you anonymous?

You're anonymous because when a website or even an individual attempts to obtain you IP through scripts or any other method, if a proxy is loaded- it will show that as your IP, instead of your 'real' IP. Your ip is assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider- Your IP is what identifies you on the World Wide Web.

What could someone do with my IP?

If someone had your IP, they could trace the IP to see where you live and who your internet service provider is. They can report abuse to your ISP if you have vandalized a website or anything criminalistic.

For those who like to play with tools like Sub7 and BackOrifice or any other type of malacious script; Their first objective would be to find your IP, because through your IP, they can virtually connect directly to your machine and cause you as much hell as they want.

Hmm... Sounds like a good idea to use proxies, Where do I get them?

The best and easiest way for you to obtain proxies are through search engines. Search engines will provide you a list of websites to check everyday for working proxies. I recommend searching at Google :)

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