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Protect Against Spyware

by: bs0d
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Spyware: Im going to attempt to tackle this 'growing problem' that we ALL have encountered at one point or another. For those of you who do not know what im talking about, allow me to describe it to you in another way...

What is Spyware?

In a general view, spyware can be defined as any technology that covertly retrieves information on an individual or organization.

Pop-up's when you're not even online? Extra buttons on your browser that you dont remember adding? Computer constantly running slow? More could be and (in many cases) IS going on 'behind the scenes' as you browse the internet unaware of spyware installed on your computer 'watching' your every move...

Ok, be more specific...

More specifically, with an overview of the various definitions of spyware, you can come up with at least two different classes, The advertising spyware, and surveillance spyware.

Surveillance Spyware may include: Complete logging of keys pressed, sites visited, even passwords, internet connections, windows viewed- pretty much anything. These tools may often be used by companies, law or even just parents.

Want to see an example? This website sells a "PC Monitoring" tool:
I recommend doing a google search if you would like to see more about surveillance spyware. Next-

Advertising Spyware: I would refer these to trojans. They come in many different forms. Installed with other programs by active x on the internet, with or without you knowing. Gathers personal information, including passwords, email addresses, web history, online purchases, Your computer's hardware and software configuration. Everything that is none of their business.

Companies that include spyware will take this information gathered and use it to their advantage. Whatever that may be, specifically- you can only guess. With all of that information, they could accomplish more than you may realize, and that has got to stop.

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